About Us

The Company

Asanat Investment Limited, a company that was registered and began operations in 2001, having the following firms in the group.

  • Asanat Investment Ltd. Real Estate Developer/Consultancy
  • Asanat Investment Ltd. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

ASANAT INVESTMENT LIMTED is a strong mid-size Nigerian Company which, today, is pioneering the enormously lucrative mechanized large scale procurement and supply chain management in Nigeria. With a vision and a will to excel, the company is building on its strengths which foundation was solidly laid since the company began operation in 2001, as a major real estate developer and consultant to the Nigerian companies.

The company has been registered in the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria as business name, and is registered within each company it does business with.

We have behind us:

  • Seven years of continuous operation and goodwill as property developers and consultant to companies/industries.

Our Mission

Our mission in ASANAT INVESTMENT LIMTED is to provide affordable, convenient, best customized services of the highest standard and delivering maximum satisfaction and delight to our clients.

Our mission is:-

  • To be the leading service providers of high quality services
  • To satisfy the needs of all companies.
  • It is our intent to acquire the major market in Procurement and Supply Chain Management in excellence and quality
  • It is our major concern to go beyond real estate and provide real comfort and peace in our property

Our Strategy

We believe in expressing our entrepreneurship in terms of strategy, venturesomeness, business creativity and an eye for spotting emerging market opportunities. Our strategy for achieving our corporate goal consists of:

  • An inspiring internal leadership needed to drive performance forward and to keep improving on performance outcomes.
  • Creating a work environment that is conducive to higher order performance and superior results. Motivating our employees in ways that induce them to pursue our target objectives energetically and, if need be, modifying their duties and job behavior to better fit the requirements of goal achievement.

Developing periodic plans that steers resources into those activities that are critical to our strategic success and developing information and reporting systems to evaluate progress and monitor performance as basis for constant direction-setting.


Do visit website for details on the board of directors, the management team, staff and clientele.

It is advisable to do business with us knowing that as a corporate organization we believe in transparent partnership, service specialization, and peculiarity in finishing touches. Every close deal with us is an open door to greater business with our referrers and references.

Our Values

Our values are in the use of our resources and energy in activities designed to improve our returns, doing so in ways that are ethically and socially responsible. Our common bonds are equity and fairness, mutual respect, teamwork, dedication to our customers and integrity.

Real Estate Developer/ Consultancy
Procurement and Supply Chain Management